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Covid vaccine, SIHA: EMA speed up on AstraZeneca. Each delay costs Europe 3,873 lives daily.

Alarm raised by SIHA, Senior International Health Association: an appeal to the European Medicines Agency

Bruxelles, 20 January 2021

“With 30.66 million people infected with Coronavirus (+55.299 in the last twenty-four hours), 665.924 deaths, that is equal to an average of 3.873 deaths per day (Source: WHO and European Center for Disease Prevention and Control), Europe cannot afford to wait one more day for the authorization of a new vaccine that could make a difference. The race towards mass vaccination must undergo a decisive change of pace and the EMA must speed up the authorization of the marketing of the AstraZeneca vaccine, Otherwise, European citizens and especially the elderly will not understand the continuous postponement of an important and decisive decision that should be in place in the face of fatalities we are witnessing day after day” – Roberto Messina, in his role as President of SIHA, Senior International Health Association, the European platform committed to the protection of senior citizens throughout Europe – “The situation is very serious, especially in the face of these terrifying numbers, the slowdown in the distribution of Pfizer vaccines that has been worsened by the spread of the English variant in 60 countries is troubling. The EMA appears incomprehensively slow in authorizing the new vaccine that could hold the keystone, urgently speed up the vaccination campaign across Europe, especially since this vaccine can be easily be administered by family doctors, who have a capillary and immediate vaccination capacity. We are very worried” – continues Messina – “about the slowness in the decision-making and authorization, considering that the data presented on the quality, safety and efficacy of the vaccine are solid and complete and it is therefore not clear what further elements are missing in making a decision. The vaccine, in fact, has already been authorized in Brazil, the United Kingdom, India, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Bangladesh, the Dominican Republic, Pakistan, Nepal, and at present there are no significant adverse reactions. We therefore ask the EMA to speed up in its efforts, because with each delay, it costs over 3,873 lives.”


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