• About us

SIHA – Senior International Health Association is the federation that brings together the associations involved at European and international level on matters concerning elderly people with the aim of coordinating their action on health.

In a scenario where an aging population is both an achievement and a phenomenon with a strong impact on European and Western social systems, SIHA’s core aims are:

  • the promotion of active aging;
  • full access to drugs and care for all citizens, and primarily the most vulnerable and dependent;
  • the activation of a constructive dialogue between all stakeholders in the health system (patients, general practitioners, pharmacists, scientific societies and institutions) for the development of health systems suitable for elderly;
  • the development of a digital culture for senior population granting a better quality of life.

With these aims, SIHA works every day to create a network intending to promote objective interests for the protection of both patients and health systems.

SIHA – Senior International Health Association

Rue Van Eyck, 22

1000 – Bruxelles

E-mail: contact@sihassociation.org